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Our History

Reverend and Mrs. J.H. Russum were appointed to Buttonwood in 1945 and saw the need for a building of a church to meet the spiritual needs of the members. A small group of members, including Mr. & Mrs. Harry Fullman, Mr. & Mrs. William Hilton, Mr. Wilbert Jenkins, Mr. William Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Woolford, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pinkett, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bungy, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Raisen, Mrs. & Mrs. Jobe Trusty, Miss Ruth Hodges, Miss Henrietta Showell, Mrs. Anna Gordon, Miss Wilhemina Waters, and Mr. & Mrs. Hilton, met with Mr. & Mrs. Woolford Sr., for a lot to build a church.

After the Woolfords consented to the purchase, the committee met with the Board of Extension and building contractors. The Board of Extension granted a loan to the church to assist in the building of the church. The Church was to raise the additional funds. Reverend Russum contacted all family & friends for contributions. Mr. William Hilton, Mr. William Simmons, and Mr. Joseph Pinkett, Sr. negotiated a loan from New Castle Bank to complete the funds. Ground breaking occurred in 1946, with Bishop Shaw, Dr. Thompson, Reverend J.T. Peaco, Revernd N. Johnson and others were present at this occasion. March 1947, the foundation and the cornerstone were laid. Under the Reverend J. H. Blackiston work was done to complete the structure of the church. For many years the Buttonwood and Christiana Churches were combined on the same charge.

Between 1970-1971 we were combined with the Mt. Joy United Methodist Church. In 1980 Buttonwood was removed from the Mt. Joy-Buttonwood Charge and placed with the Brandywine-Trinity Church at which time Reverend H. Ward Greer was appointed and served until 1983. In 1983 Reverend Paul Hilton came out of retirement for his third pastorate at Buttonwood. During his tenure, the church enlarged the kitchen, built a pastors study, and choir room. In July 1996 we were no longer joined with another church and was under the pastorate of Rev. Vernon M. Bryant. Buttonwood continued to grow spiritually. We are a nurturing church promoting membership involvement, membership awareness, membership commitment and community outreach. We have now been under the pastorate of Rev. Albert C. Gaither, Jr. since July of 2004. We have increased our membership and weekly attendance tremendously.

We are a bible based, bible read and bible scripture church. In September of 2005 we were able to renovate a new kitchen and dining area. The dining area also serves as our Sunday School, Bible Study and Happy Helpers area of learning, devoting and enjoying ourselves in fun and worship. Although we have been in this location since March 1947, Buttonwood Methodist Episcopal Church originated several blocks away on the same street October 19, 1919.